2nd Dan - Nidan

Pattern (Kata) Bassai, Jion,
Canes Proficiency with canes, including Anyo’s 1 to 3, armed and unarmed applications, basic releases, trapping hands, free fighting,
Aiki-Budo Forms 1. (right hand punch) and 2. (left hand punch, basic ground controls,
Self-defence (Goshin jutsu) Nine chokes,
Breaking ( Tamashiwari) Mandatory break with forefist, mandatory break with kick (head level), optional break,
Exercises 70 push ups on knuckles,
20 push ups on two fingers,
150 sit ups,
100 squats,
Grading Credit Points The applicant must have accumulated 5 Grading Credit Points since promotion to 1st Dan
Other qualifications The applicant must hold New Zealand Coaching Level 1 Accreditation.
The applicant must hold a current First Aid Certificate,
Notes: The applicant must be physically fit to perform all techniques i.e. not injured.
Students will be tested on all previous grading techniques and patterns.