2nd Kyu - Brown Belt with black tab

Pattern (Kata) 7.
One-step fighting (Kihon ippon kumite) 13. and 14.
Punchs (Tsuki) Upper elbow strike, reverse middle elbow strike,
Kicks (Geri) Back spinning kick (head level),
Self-defence (Goshin jutsu) Six techniques for two hands on one wrist grab, five techniques for handshake grab, five techniques for side wrist grab,
Sparring (Kumite) Free sparring (with equal or senior grade),
Canes Strikes and blocks,
Exercises 50 push ups on knuckles,
20 push ups on fingers,
100 sit ups,
Notes: The applicant must be physically fit to perform all techniques i.e. not injured.
Students will be tested on all previous grading techniques and patterns.