3rd Dan - Sandan

Pattern (Kata) Seienchin, Hangetsu, Kanku,
Aiki-Jo Basic cuts, twenty jo suburi, thirteen count kata, six controls, eight directions,
Aiki-Budo Form 3. (right hand to right wrist),
Form 4. (right hand to left wrist),
Form 5. (right hand to left shoulder),
Form 6. (right hand to throat),
Form 7. (vertical strike to head),
Form 8. (roundhouse strike to head),
Self-defence (Goshin jutsu) Ground work (mounts and guards),
Breaking ( Tamashiwari) Mandatory break with forefist, optional break,
Exercises 100 push ups (knuckles and fingers as directed),
100 sit ups,
100 squats,
Essay/Thesis An original essay or thesis on any karate or related topic. Length approx. 1000 words,
Grading Credit Points The applicant must have accumulated 10 Grading Credit Points since promotion to 2nd Dan,
Other qualifications The applicant must hold Coaching Level 2 Accreditation.
The applicant must hold a current First Aid Certificate,
Notes: The applicant must be physically fit to perform all techniques i.e. not injured.
Students will be tested on all previous grading techniques and patterns.