3rd Kyu - Brown Belt

Understanding of karate warm-up exercises and the ability to demonstrate them.
Pattern (Kata) 6.
One-step fighting (Kihon ippon kumite) 11. and 12.
Punchs (Tsuki) U punch,
Blocks (Uke) X block (head and groin level),
Kicks (Geri) Axe kick, back spinning kick (mid level),
Self-defence (Goshin jutsu) Five techniques for same side wrist grab, five techniques for cross hand wrist grab, five techniques for double wrist grab,
Sparring (Kumite) Free sparring (with equal grade),
Exercises 50 push ups on knuckles,
100 sit ups,
Notes: The applicant must be physically fit to perform all techniques i.e. not injured.
Students will be tested on all previous grading techniques and patterns.