5th Dan - Godan

Pattern (Kata) Wankan, Meikyo, Sochin
Aiki-Jo Thirteen count free form kata, thirty-one count free form kata,
thirty-one count pairs,
Bokken Bokkan pairs
Aiki-Budo Nine techniques against jo, nine techniques against bokkan,
Self-defence (Gohin-jutsu) Secure and insecure holds, control and restraint, gun controls,
multiple attackers, knife controls,
Exercises 100 push ups (knuckles and fingers as directed),,
100 sit ups,
100 squats,
Essay/Thesis An origainal essay or thesis on any karate or related topic, which would be of value to other instructors and students and may be suitable for publication. Length approx. 3000 words.
Grading Credit Points The applicant must have accumulated 20 Grading Credit Points since promotion to 4th Dan,
Other qualifications The applicant must hold Coaching Level 1 Accreditation.
The applicants character and general abilities as an instructor will be taken into consideration.