8th Kyu - Yellow Belt

How to fold a uniform (dogi)
The correct way to wear a uniform
How to tie a rank belt (obi)
Dojo etiquette and procedures
General stretching and conditioning/warm-up excercises


Pattern (Kata) 1
One-step fighting (Kihon ippon kumite) 1. and 2.
Stances (Dachi) Ready stance, Forward stance (both left and right), fighting stance,
Punchs (Tsuki) Basic punch (head, mid and low level),
Blocks (Uke) Knee block, head block,
Kicks (Geri) Front snap kick (mid level),
Self-defence (Goshin jutsu) Five techniques for front hair grab,
Notes: Students may be tested for their ability on the above techniques while moving in a forward stance.
Fists are to remain closed at all times.